Our Farm Animals

Our bunnies are available for adoption by completing our adoption application online (coming soon). We offer rabbits that can be used as Livestock Show Animals, for breeding stock, and as household pets. You can choose from:

Frequently Available Varieties

• Sable Standard Rex
• Standard Californian
• Californian Standard Rex
• Seal Standard Rex

Less Common Varieties

• White Standard Rex
• Black Standard Rex

Our flock is used for egg production, competitive Show Livestock, and also sold as breeding and layer stock for backyard bird raisers. Soon, we will be setting up adoption services for our birds so you can start your own flock!

Our Current Breeds and Varieties

Bantam Chickens

• Silver Sebright (Rose Comb Clean Leg)
• Black Silkie (Feather Legged)
• Golden Duckwing Phoenix (Single Comb Clean Leg)
• Easter Egger (not a standardized variety)

Large Fowl Chickens

• Salmon Faverolles (Feather Legged)
• Barred Plymouth Rock (American)

Our resident rescue Lucy wandered onto our yard in February. After failed attempts to find her owner, she ended up joining our farm and has been made a permanent resident. 

Bleue joined the farm at 3 1/2 years old as a companion friend for Lucy. Bleue was surrendered by a local family that wanted Bleue to have a better life.

Neither Lucy or Bleue are available for adoption, but we may have pigs available in the future. 

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