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Dog Rehabilitation and Rescue

As animal right activists and humanitarians, we’ve been called to help anyone unfortunate enough to need welcoming into our doors. TFBT Rescue, a nonprofit organization, began in the wee hours of a Friday night with a dog that had been hit by a car. 

As a nonprofit organization, TFBT Rescue is owned by the public and operates strictly as a dog foster and rehabilitation facility to grant dogs an opportunity to heal and return to being functional parts of a human-dog family unit. 

In our care, these dogs begin to heal physically and mentally until they are ready to be adopted. Adoptable dogs have clean bills of health and have began retraining social and obedience behaviors. Some dogs do have long term impressions of their past trauma, but rescue dogs generally live normal, healthy lives and have a lot of love to give in return.

Get Involved

We provide the medical and social care that neglected dogs need to recover to a clean bill of health. These medical costs, and even daily care, can really add up, especially for dogs in a critical state-of-health so any community support is greatly appreciated and allows us to keep helping those that cannot help themselves.

5 Ways You Can Help

It Supports Our Rescue Efforts. All proceeds from your order are donated directly to TFBT Rescue and will be used to fund a multitude of rescue services from vaccines and life-saving medication, to grooming equipment and food, to treats and enrichment toys and more.

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Adopt A Dog

Application coming soon! You’ll be able to get on our list and have the opportunity to adopt when a dog becomes ready for his or her forever home.

Foster A Dog

Application coming soon! You can become a part of The First Best Thing Rescue team by signing up to foster a rescue dog in the future. We’re just getting started, but when duty calls, we want to have our team ready for action.

Sponsor a Dog

We have an Amazon Wish List full of food, toys, treats, etc. We also accept donations via PayPal, Facebook, and GoFundMe; your donations help cover medical care, food costs, enrichment toys and activities, facility upgrades, and more.

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Whether or not you can or feel compelled to donate, please consider spreading our fundraising campaign.

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